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#Kolkata: The third phase of assembly elections in the state is ahead. Before that, there was a sensational turn in Saradakanda. According to sources, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Saturday attached the assets of former Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP Kunal Ghosh and Trinamool Lok Sabha MP Shatabdi Roy. Kunal Ghosh was the CEO of Sarada Group’s Media Department. On the other hand, Shatabdi Roy was the brand ambassador of Sarada Group. At the same time, the property of Devyani Mukherjee, director of Sarada Group, has also been attached.

On Saturday, the ED tweeted that the property would be attached. According to the ED’s tweet, Kunal Ghosh’s property worth around Tk 3 crore has been confiscated. However, during the voting season, Kunal returned the money received from Sarada. However, the amount of property confiscated over the centuries has not been disclosed. Kunal Ghosh himself has expressed doubts about the news of attaching this property. He claimed, ‘I have already returned the property. All the money that has been taxed has also been refunded. How will the new property be confiscated? ‘

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the ED are again active in dealing with chit funds in Bengal during the election period. Representatives of the Central Investigation Agency have interrogated influential people in several cases including Sarada and Narda. Detectives have interrogated several influential people in Sardakand in the last few days. The interrogation is going on on the basis of certain information. A few days ago, Kunal Ghosh was interrogated in the Sarada case. Madan Mitra, a Trinamool candidate from Kamarhati constituency, was also questioned in the Assembly elections.

The CBI has interrogated several influential people in the investigation of Saradakand. This time, the CBI wants to speed up the investigation into other chit funds as well. And for that reason, the CBI summoned Manas Bhuiyan to investigate the ICO case. The CBI is investigating a bunch of chit fund cases in the state. Which includes Icore. There are also allegations of money laundering against the company. Investigating officers received several videos of the outgoing MLA investigating the agency. Where Manas Bhuiyan is seen speaking in favor of this chit fund scandal.

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