Modi-Shah-Nadda party in a secret meeting in Bengal! Yashwant Sinha claims explosives

#Kolkata: There are still six votes left. But the BJP has collapsed in two phases. And that is why Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are rushing to damage control. This was demanded by Trinamool All India President Yashwant Sinha at a press conference on Saturday afternoon. According to Yashwant, Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and JP Nadda also talked about the Padma disaster in the Bengali polls late on Friday night.

“I have learned through sources that Narendra Modi, JP Nadda and Amit Shah were sitting in an internal meeting in Delhi late on Friday night,” Yashwant Singh told reporters here. They understand that the first two rounds are going to be a disappointing result. In the remaining 6 stages, the result may be worse, so the BJP is relying on the mind game. People will be misled by lies.

Yashwant Sinha’s claim has not been verified. But questions are circulating in the political arena, why did Yashwant express such an opinion just hours before Modi’s meeting in Hughli? Observers say it’s a mature game. He appeared at the press conference with Shashi Panja because his communication in all quarters of the BJP is unquestionable. So it would be much more credible if he gave an argument.

There is one more explanation. Political circles say that only two rounds of voting have taken place. There are still six points left to fight. In the meantime, the BJP has started saying that they have started the match in their pockets. The Trinamool leader herself says that the results of the first two rounds of voting have been very good. But he is alone on the battlefield, with many BJP leaders competing with him. Their main goal is to make the air as favorable as possible by creating ideas for the time being, whatever the outcome of the vote. As a result, the counter-medicine of the grassroots is to identify the BJP’s strategy as a mind game in advance. That is why Yashwant Singh made such a complaint today.

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