Noted clinical trial specialist of the country Dr Subhrajyoti Bhowmick takes over as the Chairman of the Indian Society for Clinical Research ( Eastern Chapter)

Indian Society for Clinical Research, the largest clinical research body in India and Dr Bhowmick takes over as the Chair of the Eastern chapter. The Society consists of clinical research professionals from pharmaceutical industry, hospitals as well as Medical colleges. The Indian Society for Clinical Research has Four chapters in four different zones and Dr Bhowmick takes over as the Chair and he said, “ The clinical research activities shall be augmented in both East as well as the North Eastern India. I am the first Bengali doctor to assume this position and am looking forward to contributing towards the development of clinical research in the region.”

Dr Subhrajyoti Bhowmick is the Principal investigator of the clinical trials of Sputnik V vaccine for the phase iii trials were conducted under his leadership at the Peerless Hospital, Kolkata, where 25 subjects were recruited and are all doing well post vaccination, it is expected that the Sputnik V vaccine shall be rolled out soon.


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