‘Tarakeswar brings candidate from Delhi, loses and goes to Delhi again’, Mamata’s dream-joke

#Tarkeshwar : Slight manipulation of time. Mamata Banerjee and Narendra Modi held a meeting at a distance of 14 km. Modi’s meeting started with Taraknath’s refuge, Mamata’s journey also started with Tarakeshwar’s victory. Mamata attacked step by step. There was a mockery of bringing Swapan Dasgupta down from the Rajya Sabha as the BJP’s candidate in Tarakeswar. Without naming Shuvendu, Mamata put him in front as the face of Hindu-Muslim discrimination and polarization. He wanted to vote against all this.

On this day, Mamata Banerjee said without naming Swapan Dasgupta, “Tarakeswar brought a candidate from Delhi. What was the need? If he loses, he will go to Delhi. He is still a nominated member. And my son is here. But he will stay here.”

Mamata Ubach about Swapan Dasgupta, “If Modi came and told me, wouldn’t you come and vote for that man (Swapan Dasgupta)? What did that man do when he went to Santiniketan. The fair, the swing has stopped. In other words, Mamata did not ignore the impact of Modi’s words. He also took his name more than once, mocking the resolution called Sonar Bangla. In Mamata’s words, “Today my meeting is 15 km away. Will you say the opposite? First you will say Sunar Bengal. Why will you insult my Bengali? Why will you disrespect?

The BJP is contesting MPs in several constituencies. Babul Supriya is fighting in Tollygunge, Locket Chatterjee is fighting in the peak of Hughli. Swapan Dasgupta has been brought to Tarakeswar from Rajya Sabha. Observers are giving various explanations. Many are saying that the BJP is trying to use the clean image of Swapan Dasgupta in the Hindu vote in Tarakeswar. A few days ago, Mamata Banerjee mocked Lockett for bringing him down to the battlefield while he was still an MP. Today, however, his tone did not soften. His sarcasm, “One is sitting as a neck locket.”

The issue of El Shuvendu Adhikari is also in the context of minority voting. Mamata Banerjee did not name. But he said, the devil boy who came out with BJP’s money. In her words, do not allow the minority vote to be divided. Mamata Banerjee has repeatedly accused foreigners of entering Nandigram. He said, “They brought bombs from Muzaffar. They brought goons from Bihar. They were sitting outside the Boyal booth with petrol bombs.”

Repeatedly from El Mahesh to Taraksvara, the topic of pilgrimages. As well as the assurance to stand by the side of the small weavers. Mamata Banerjee said, I am giving the order for three years from now. Even with this little sentence, he really wanted to show just how confident he is about the victory.

At the end of the day, he said, “People from all over the world are watching here. Because Modi does not mean democracy.” Speaking of Mamata, the whole country is looking at Bengal, though not the whole world. The results will be known on May 2.

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