“The grassroots rate is certain, so there are so many complaints,” said Modi at a meeting in Hughli

#Kolkata: The two-point election in Bengal has barely ended. The two opposition parties still have to fight six points. And both sides want to push each other’s morale by bringing the rate figures in front. Today, on behalf of the BJP, Narendra Modi gave that push to the Trinamool from the meeting of Haripal in Hughli. His argument is from the fear of the hill rate of grassroots allegations.

Narendra Modi said on the day, “If a player points a finger at the umpire on the field of play, it must be understood that they are at fault. In fact, his game is over.” Even today, Modi had the familiar tune in his throat, “Didi and Didi …” Modi said, “Your rate is certain.” You accept. Listen to the voices of the people of Hooghly. Election is not a game, democracy is not a game, democracy is a way of serving the people. The path of human progress. You forgot everything. That is why he has betrayed the people of Bengal. “Modi further alleged from Arambagh that Mamata Banerjee had betrayed Singur.

Note that the Trinamool held a press conference shortly before Narendra Modi’s meeting. There, Trinamool All India President Yashwant Singh demanded explosives. According to him, Narendra Modi, JP Nadda and Amit Shah used to meet last night. They realized that the first two rounds had disappointing results. The BJP will rely on the mind game in the remaining stage. People will be misled by lying. The truth will be known on May 2, but Modi relied on Mindgame. His trump card became the pride of Bengalis’ Bengaliness.

Mamata Banerjee’s party has repeatedly said that people are being brought to BJP meetings with money. Modi said that this demand is disgraceful for Bengalis. In his words, “You are insulting the people of Bengal. Mamata Banerjee says people are being brought with money. Tell me if you have come for money. Can anyone buy them or not! You are insulting the people of Bengal by saying this. Do not insult the people of Bengal, insult me.” They put you in the masnad. “

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