6 arrested in heated Maniktala, TMC-BJP clash over club occupation

#Kolkata: Today is the last day of the third phase of campaigning. Even before that, unrest continued in political clashes in different parts of the state. The Kankurgachhi Maniktala area also took the appearance of a battlefield in the political clash centered on the club’s occupation on Saturday night. The BJP has accused the Trinamool of attack. Two policemen were injured in the clash when the police reached to control the situation. Police have already arrested several people in the incident.

The incident took place in the new rural area of ​​Kankurgachhi. The thunderstorm centered on the occupation of the local club. The Maniktala area took on the appearance of a battlefield with the occupation of the new Palli Sporting Club in the area. Sadhan Pandey’s daughter Shreya Pandey was accused of making threats against him over the possession of the club. Fighting started between the two sides and bricks were thrown.

Police reached the area to bring the situation under control. Two policemen were injured in the clash. Police have arrested eight people in the incident. There is a huge police force deployed in the area.

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