“Don’t cry because agents didn’t let you sit on election day.”

#Kolkata: If you don’t want to cry because the agent is not allowed to sit in the booth on the day of polling, dare to enter the booth. This is the message of Mamata Banerjee to the booth agents of the party before the third round of voting. At the same time, he said, those who cannot sit in the booth should move to the front. If necessary, the Trinamool supremo is advising to make the ‘quarrelsome woman in the neighborhood’ a booth agent. In fact, Mamata wants a man who can fight with his eyes closed.

On the day of Nandigram polls, several grassroots activists complained that the BJP was not allowing them to sit in booths. On the other hand, Mamata Banerjee told her party workers that they have to sit in the booth. It will not go backwards. According to the political circles, Mamata has already given the message that there will be fights inch by inch. He reminded me of this once again.

Do not eat tea or biryani after voting. Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee gave such a message to the booth workers even today. What is the reason to make the team staff aware? This is also being practiced in the political arena. At the end of her speech on the platform of political rallies every day, Mamata Banerjee is warning her party’s poll workers. Especially those who are booth agents, those who are polling agents, he is repeatedly forbidding them to eat anything other than home-cooked food. Mamata Banerjee says booth workers are her team’s assets. করেSomeone or someone may have mixed sleeping pills or something like that in their diet by plotting his idea. And may take advantage of their intoxication.

Mamata Banerjee claims, “EVM machines will have to be on guard for the next one month after the elections. All the counting centers that are there will have to be monitored all the time. There will be a team of party workers who will be there to monitor the counting centers all the time.” Mamata told all these workers that it is their responsibility to go to the counting center even after the vote meter. That is why they have been asked to form this special team.

Mamata Banerjee asks polling agents to be careful on polling day. Mock has asked to do polling 30 times. Twice the EVM is asked to switch off the switch. Vivipat says to test the machine well. According to political circles, the Trinamool Congress had earlier questioned the transparency of EVMs. So before the vote, Mamata Banerjee is repeatedly warning their polling and booth agents.

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