Oath-breaking rules, Modi rules Delhi before Modi, retaliation from Hooghly

# Khanakul: After two o’clock in the afternoon, Mamata Banerjee held a meeting at Khanakul in Hughli after understanding the weather forecast and storm. Just as Rammohun Roy from Chaitanya spoke on behalf of Najibul Karim, a candidate from a place reminiscent of many scholars, he also fired sharp cannons against Narendra Modi’s statement. The prime minister said on Saturday that the victory was certain, so government officials should start work now. He also announced that he would attend the swearing-in ceremony of the Chief Minister. The conviction was that he was coming to power with 100 percent certainty. “Tomorrow he says I will take the oath. He has said this in violation of the law. Control Delhi first. You have no right to say this to the officers of my state. Are you God or Super Man?”

Let’s take a look at what Mamata said

At the outset, there was a humble tribute to the late Sultan Ahmed. Said, Sultan Ahmed died with great sorrow. So Iqbal’s body has become bad. This time I made the son of the house (Najibul Karim) stand. Can work for people.

A mockery of the BJP’s platform

It’s so hot, people coming to my meeting in the dust. 5 crore stage in a BJP meeting. That is not possible for a small group like us. Even people are coming to my meeting.

With local issues

Drinking water will reach all the houses here. Floods are the main problem here. This problem is in Khanakul, Arambagh, Purshura. Work worth Tk 40 crore is underway for flood control in this subdivision.

Attack on Modi-Shah duo

In Mamata’s words- Narendra Modi, Amit Shah Rose come here every day and keep on lying. He has not done a single thing for Bengal in Delhi for 6 years. The list of farmers has been sent. Can do good drama. Kill first then shed tears. Bangladesh went, riots broke out. Rose Amit Shah has changed the police officer. Alipurduar, Chandannagar changed. Why did they change? Bad to see them? They can’t go on? They are the pride of Bengal. You will not get 50 seats.

Vote Ubach

Mamata says- the whole has lost. Bail will be seized in how many seats. There are no agents in many places. The EC changed its decision about the agent after listening to the BJP. The phone of the BJP leaders came out (Mukul Roy-Shishir Bajoria tape).

Voting day tips

Strictly told the party workers – I will not hear any girl crying. If not, don’t sit down. I will not listen if you say it is scary. Inside booth police will not be able to check anyone’s ID. Call those quarrelsome girls in the neighborhood as agents. Women guard the night. The boys will be behind. In Assam, the Delhi Police went to Bara and cast their votes. Don’t be afraid here. I’m sitting, baby tiger.

Communal harmony

In Mamata’s words, I do not belong to a sectarian party. I go with Hindus and Muslims. All that will not be rotten. They have been sold to the BJP. Hindus and Muslims will not share.

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