A detailed study on why and how Third sex voters in third phase election is strikingly high in Bengal Election 2021– News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: Every vote is valuable. Everyone is a citizen of independent India. That is why a vote of the third gender is just as important in a democracy as it is for a man or a woman. This is the message given by the Election Commission again and again. They left no stone unturned to convey that message to remote areas of the state. And its reflection is visible in the voter list. Significant presence of third gender voters is seen in the third round voter list.

On the morning of the election, they will also stand proudly in line with valid voter cards. Explain with a drop of ink in hand that they are as important in this society as a woman or a man. And this is where the electoral process is showing a new light of social awareness. The bond of democracy seems to be getting stronger with every vote.

Voting in the third round is mainly in remote villages and semi-cities. And if you keep an eye on the voter list there, the presence of the third gender will catch your eye. A total of 243 third gender people are on this list. A total of 6 lakh 52 thousand 425 people will vote in this phase. Among them there are 39 lakh 93 thousand 270 male and 36 lakh 57 thousand 902 female voters.

Looking at the total number of voters in the state, one can see the picture of their coming forward. For example, before this assembly election, the number of new voters in the state has increased to 20 lakh, 45 thousand 593 people. The number of specially capable voters stands at more than 1 lakh 64 thousand. And here too, the number of third gender voters is significantly higher at 1,590.

Commission officials also reached out to villages to show that the presence of the third gender was equally important. They talked to people from different groups and campaigned for the need to vote. Recently, as part of that campaign, Election Commission officials spent time with people of the third gender group in Jagadighata Kazipara. Manjula Basu, an official of the SB team in Barasat No. 1 block, reached out to the commission to encourage people of the third sex to vote. They also feel honored that the Election Commission itself has taken the initiative to participate in the voting process.

In fact, no matter what the percentage calculation is, a social rule is being broken somewhere by the hand of the vote. Although the presence is small in terms of numbers, it cannot be neglected. The registration of their names in the voting list as the third gender indicates another dawn. Where the social ‘taboo’ has been broken and many more may come forward in the coming days.

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