‘Agencies are listening to TMC leaders, not Modi-Shah’s instructions!’ Clever tweet debut

#Kolkata: BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari has stepped into the fray with a coal scam. On Sunday, Shuvendu claimed that Rs 900 crore had gone to Abhishek Banerjee from coal corruption. Bankura IC Ashok Mishra was arrested by the ED on Saturday night for coal corruption. Shuvendu claimed from the BJP’s election headquarters in Hastings, Kolkata on Sunday, “Binoy Mishra and Ashok Mishra’s clique have given about 900 crore rupees to his nephew.” The entire Banerjee family is involved in this corruption. The chief minister cannot avoid his responsibility. And this time Abhishek Banerjee, a Trinamool MP and a young Trinamool president, took the strategy of putting pressure on the BJP in that coal mine.

Abhishek tweeted on Monday, “The central government is responsible for all coal mining and it is the responsibility of the central agencies to protect it.” If the BJP leaders think that the Trinamool leaders are making money illegally from coal mines, then why isn’t the Center investigating them who are failing to protect national property?

Abhishek then wrote in a sarcastic tone, ‘It is very surprising that the Ministry of Coal and the Ministry of Home Affairs are listening to the grassroots leaders without listening to the instructions of their own boss (read Modi-Shah). It is wrong to think people are fools. ‘

Incidentally, the ED arrested Ashok Mishra from New Delhi on Saturday shortly after a controversial audio tape came to light. IC Ashok Mishra was detained and questioned at the ED headquarters in Delhi. It was then decided to arrest him. On the same day, Shuvendu claimed, ‘Many conversations have come to the fore centering on the nephew of the Chief Minister. We will bring them all forward. ‘ Shuvendu also released that audio tape. And then Abhishek walked in the politics of reciprocal pressure.

Incidentally, the pace of investigation into the coal scandal has led to the names of several businessmen, sections of the police force, and even several political figures. According to the investigating agency, they have direct links with the main accused Anup Majhi alias Lala. However, Trinamool youth leader Binoy Mishra is still in the fray. Central detectives believe that all the accused were involved in illegal coal smuggling. Through them, the money of coal smuggling could reach the influential people. The Central Intelligence Agency has already prepared a list to be sure about this.

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