Jaya Bachchan to campaign for TMC in West Bengal Assembly Election 2021– News18 Beganli


#Kolkata: In the promotion of Bengali girl, from today, the blessed girl of Bengal, Jaya Bachchan. According to the political circles, in the promotion of Bengal’s own daughter, this time it was the Bengal girl who came down with her waist tied. Amitabh Gharani is going down in the campaign from today. To strengthen Mamata’s hand, the Samajwadi Party had earlier said it would support it. To the tune of that support, the Bengali girl came and stood beside her own daughter. This campaign of Blessed Girl is starting from Kolkata today. However, he will continue to campaign for the next 4 days. But before the campaign, Jaya Bachchan will reach the Trinamool Bhaban on the side of the bypass today. He is scheduled to attend a press conference there. Today he will tell you why he took the path of compassion.

On this day, however, Jaya Bachchan has chosen Tollygunge to take the campaign by storm. Jaya will do a road show by pushing the jeep for the sake of ugly faith. The Bachchan family started their career from Tollygunge one day. Jaira’s propaganda car hurriedly passed through that toll road. Against whom Jaya Bachchan has to campaign today, he is also a member of Bollywood-Tollywood on the other hand Union Minister of State Babul Supriya. However, Jaya Bachchan has said in a close circle that it is a political battle. There is no place for personal relationship with it. Jaya Bachchan has a long association with Mamata Banerjee in politics. The two have been together on the porch of the parliament building for a long time. Whenever Mamata Banerjee called the blessed girl of Bengal, she responded. Even before Corona, Amitabh and Jaya used to appear together on the stage of the film festival every year. As a result, for the sake of that old relationship, Jaya Bachchan is once again holding the baton of Mamata in this state.

Jaya Bachchan can attend a road show today as well as a meeting of booth agents. MP Jaira has a walk in the coconut garden tomorrow. Samajwadi Party MP can join a meeting with Mamata Banerjee on the wireless ground in Taliganj on the 8th. Representatives of the Trinamool Women’s Organization gathered at the Kolkata airport last evening to welcome Jaya Bachchan. At the airport, Bangla was full of slogans wanting its own daughter. Jaya Bachchan is still known to the people of Bengal as a blessed girl. Mamata Banerjee herself is known as a blessed girl. His bow-breaking bet is one of the USPs to win this vote, according to political circles. As a result, it remains to be seen how the stormy innings of Real Life’s Blessed Girl and Real Life’s Blessed Girl benefit the grassroots.

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