Modi is on the ground to win Mukul, the Prime Minister is coming to Krishnanagar

#Kolkata: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a meeting in Krishnanagar in support of Mukul Roy The Prime Minister will hold a meeting on April 10 in support of the BJP’s heavyweight candidate from Krishnanagar North Center.

Mukul Roy was one of the biggest surprises in the BJP’s list of candidates this time His main opponent in Krishnanagar North is Trinamool Congress candidate Kaushani Mukherjee. The BJP leader is contesting an election after nearly two decades While in the grassroots, Mukul had the main organizational responsibility even after joining the BJP. But this time the party has nominated him in the election As a result, ensuring Mukul’s victory is also a fight of honor for the BJP leadership Mukul was last defeated in the 2001 assembly elections by contesting from the Jagddal Center on behalf of the Trinamool Congress.

However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will return to the state on Tuesday before the 10th He was to hold a meeting first in Kochbihar and then in central Howrah Incidentally, the third round of voting in the state on Tuesday 7 There are 6 votes in 6 seats of Howrah And on the same day in Howrah, the Prime Minister’s campaign in that district is undoubtedly significant. On the day of the second round of elections, the Chief Minister raised the question, why will the Prime Minister campaign in the state on election days? The chief minister had alleged that the BJP was getting additional benefits as a result

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