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#Kolkata: When will the Madhyamik Exam 2021 be held this year? Allegations of spreading misleading news about the date of the exam on social sites. The Board of Secondary Education claims that misleading news is being spread on social media that this year’s secondary examination will start in August. With which the board has taken a very strict attitude.

On Monday, the board issued new guidelines for spreading misleading news. After issuing the guidelines, the board said that the schedule of secondary examinations announced by the board president on December 28 last year is still in force. If any other test schedule is published on electronic or social media, it is not the responsibility of the board.

In this regard, the president of the board Kalyanmoy Gangopadhyay said, “Misleading news is being spread. This time the secondary examination will be taken according to the schedule that we had.” However, the board president did not want to comment on who posted the schedule of the secondary examination in August on the social site. According to board sources, they may be involved in cyber crime by spreading such misleading news on social media. According to the board sources, the board has been asked to issue guidelines again on behalf of the state school education department so as not to spread any confusion among the students.

The board said in a notification on Monday that the first language test will be held on June 1

The second language test will be held on June 2

Geography test will be on June 3

June 5 will be the history test

Maths test will be held on June 8

Life science exam will be held on June 6

June 9 will be the physics test

Elective subject examination will be held on 10th June.

The board’s new guidelines are expected to reduce student confusion.

Somraj Bandopadhyay

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