Abhisekh Banerjee | Not Mamata, today is the first boy’s debut in the Lok Sabha

#Kolkata: Today, April 6, voting is going on in 31 constituencies of the state. Turning to the media, the pictures and news of each seat are being shown. But those who play the dice of politics are actually looking for them in the South Twenty-four Parganas. Because even in extreme disasters, this district is the grassroots average. And the leader of that average is Abhishek Banerjee, who lost to the BJP in his own constituency (Diamond Harbor) in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections by more than 3 lakh votes. The question naturally arises, how much work will Abhishek-Hawa do this time? According to observers, Mamata Banerjee’s affectionate debut in the first round of that acid test today.

There are a total of seven seats in the Diamond Harbor Lok Sabha. Among them, today’s vote is in Falta, Bishnupur, Satgachhia, Bishnupur. The grassroots won in all. In the Lok Sabha polls, the Trinamool was leading in 31 of the 24 seats in the South 24 seats. Abhishek won by more than 3 lakh at his own center. No one hesitated to admit that the whole thing was due to his organizational strength. But time goes by. A new game begins on the stage. South Twenty-four is no exception. And that is why he is making his debut again today.

Abhishek’s main fight is with two ‘A’s. These two are Amphan and Abbas. Last year, the region was hit by the Amphan storm. Millions of houses collapsed. The ruling party has given relief to many people from being brought to relief camps in the past. However, Benazir’s allegations have been leveled against the ruling party, with many lower-level leaders and activists accused of stealing relief supplies. Mamata Banerjee herself has admitted the allegation and promised to hand over the money to those who did not receive compensation. If Abhishek can occupy the southern fort, it will prove that his charisma has overtaken the accusation, once again.

At one time the RSP had influence over a large area of ​​the southern twenty-four parganas. Abhishek, a brilliant speaker in the field of management, has been handing over power to the youth for the last one decade. With was the confidence of the minority vote. But in the last few months, the rise of Abbas Siddiqui from the religious arena to the stage of politics is a challenge for Abhishek Banerjee. Abbas is also a youth leader, he is not influential in the Muslim society. So voting for Abbas’s candidate means that the ground under Abhishek’s feet is shifting.

This is not the end, Narendra Modi, JP Nadda, Amit Shah have come to meet more than once in South 24. From ordinary fishermen to religious people, they have filled the entire district with various promises. If the devotee melts in this promise, then the fort can catch cracks!

There are several factors in favor of the debut. Shovan Chatterjee, the party’s chief of staff in the south-eastern party, became inactive before the Lok Sabha polls. His departure did not cut the vote that day. Shovan Chatterjee has been retiring indefinitely for the time being, though he has been playing for the BJP from the very beginning. Therefore, it is not possible for the lotus to grow in his hands. On the other hand, BJP leaders like Yogi Adityanath have returned to the region with failed intentions. The desired crowd did not.

In this situation, the chess players of politics will say that Abhishek’s job is to settle the quarrels in the house in silence, without giving opportunity to the neighbors. Only time will tell whether it will be possible or whether the BJP will take home the gold crop by exploiting anti-institutionalism. But now, at the time of writing this report, Abhishek Banerjee is giving the first paper of the arithmetic test. Today the test is his. The question is not convenient. However, according to the Lok Sabha track record, Abhishek is the first boy.

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