Bengal Election Phase 3 ‘Third of Unrest’: Lotus Vote Rate! Paramilitary, five-faced commission in praise of the police

#Kolkata: The third point is far behind the previous two points in terms of unrest. The unrest continued throughout the day. The voting process in it. However, the turnout in this third phase is slightly lower than the previous two. By 6 o’clock the turnout was about 8%. However, at the end of the day, the Election Commission praised the role of the paramilitary and the police. Special observer Vivek Dubey said “the paramilitary forces have done very well in the third round of voting.”

In the third phase of the eight-point election in Bengal, polling was held at a total of 31 centers in Howrah, Hooghly and South 24 Parganas. Of these, 17 were in South 24 Parganas, 6 in Howrah and 6 in Hughli. The third phase of the state assembly elections has been going on since Tuesday morning amidst unrest.

At the end of the day, the commission said that the turnout was 6.6 percent till 6 o’clock. The latest district-wise turnout was in Hooghly at 69.63 per cent and in Howrah at 7.93 per cent. In South 24 Parganas, the turnout averaged 7.6 percent. It may be mentioned that in the second phase, the average turnout in the four districts was 7.11 percent. The turnout in the first round was 80 percent. In that respect, the turnout in the third round was quite a push.

However, on behalf of the commission, Special Police Observer Vivek Dubey said that the voting process was smooth in the third phase. Praising the role of the police and paramilitary forces, Vivek said, “Polling has not stopped anywhere. There have been several isolated incidents of unrest. Several people have already been arrested in various incidents. The search for the remaining accused is on.”

Meanwhile, allegations of assault on several heavyweight candidates have been lodged with the commission. That list includes Trinamool’s Sujata Mandal Khan and Nazmul Haque and Nirmal Majhir. Besides, BJP candidate Papia Adhikari came to the hospital in Uluberia South to see the party candidate and slapped him. In that case, the BJP has gone to the commission with allegations against the Trinamool. The commission was satisfied with the news of isolated violence and unrest. However, experts are looking for reasons to reduce the turnout.

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