Neglected beauty in poetry || Three decades later, his name is nowhere to be found on election day in the South 24th

#Kolkata: One day voting is taking place in 16 centers of South 24 Parganas. Everyone will agree, regardless of party affiliation, that these 16 seats are the impenetrable average of the grassroots for a long time. Not a single leaf of a tree has fallen here for a long time without the eyes of Abhishek Banerjee. If Abhishek was the undisputed emperor of this average, Chanakya was, then Shovan Chatterjee, Mamata Banerjee’s one-time cherished paradise. But the game of destiny came out of such a grassroots and when his existence in the BJP has just begun to solidify, he became a Brahmin. Not getting the position of his choice, he left the team and went into hiding. The whole of Bengal was watching to see the battle of Yuvraj and Chanakya, but in their absence the voting drama is being staged. He seemed to be neglected in poetry by Shovon Chatterjee. Is this what he owed?

Even before the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the thread of his old party’s relationship with Shovon was severed. Shovan gradually stepped towards the BJP, accompanied by Baishakhi Banerjee. The BJP got the moon in its hands by getting Shovon, because who could be a better person than him to cut the sindh in the southern twenty four parganas! But their (Shovon-Baishakhi) relationship with the team was ‘delicate’, sensitive. But Shovon also proved himself. In the face of the vote, he somehow won the party over the outgoing Trinamool candidate from Diamond Harbor, Deepak Haldar. The BJP tends to go south with his hand. But as soon as the list came to light, it was seen that Shovon did not have a name. It is heard that Shovon wanted to fight with Ratna Chatterjee. But the party did not make him stand – Behala had earlier nominated the government as a newcomer to politics. Shovan didn’t take the matter well, stay away from standing somewhere else, sever the relationship with the team. Therefore, he became somehow lost. For good reason, the question arises, what was used Shovon? Why he could not avoid the fate of being alone!

Shovon became a councilor in 1985 at the age of just 21. He has never looked back since. Mamata Banerjee has brought him by the hand. Many in the balcony of power say that no one will be able to think as much as Chandipath from Jutoselai of Calcutta Municipality. Some will claim that he is a deadly eloquent speaker, just as no one can deny that he is at least an efficient organizer. This is why he was confident that if he stood in his center, he would bloom. But where, he had to leave the field before the fight!

Even his enemy camp did not want that to happen. The son has preached everything on behalf of the bear mother. But he has repeatedly said in the media, “Dad is a man of politics, I want him to stay in politics, even if he is in the opposition, there is no objection.” Atal Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay also believed in him. He is not willing to take this apparent monk forever. He repeatedly says, “His religion is politics. Many people keep in touch with him, when you can return to the field of politics.” But return home! Kalighat Mayakanne today will be his place? BJP: Do you want him back? No matter what the politicians say, the music of this Brahmin is the dislike of the Bengalis who love politics. They also want to be polite, to be at war.

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