‘Shyama’ in TMC Campaign: Selfie with CM, Shyama and Radharani of ‘Krishnakali’ on the field

#Kolkata: Star Jalsa’s ‘Krishnakali’ has come up first in the TRP list again. The heroine of this serial which has been at the top of popularity for the last few years is Tiyasha Roy. One of the most notable characters is Sreemoyee Chattoraj. The two actresses of the audience’s choice were seen in the grassroots campaign this time. In the meeting of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Krishnakoli’s Shayama and Radharani were seen.

Before the assembly election, there was a tendency to join politics in groups in Tolipara as well. For the past month, one star after another has been seen carrying colored flags. Some are ocher and some are green. Someone red again. Many again changed the old party in the face of voting. However, a handful of people did not tread that road. On the contrary, he is expressing his views through social media and other mass media without engaging in direct politics. The latest additions to this list are Tiyasha and Srimayi. The heroine and the villain of the Krishnakali serial were seen together this time in campaigning for the Trinamool.

But that is why Tiyasha did not join active politics like the hero of the serial Neel Bhattacharya alias Nikhil. He said that they took part in the campaign out of love for Mamata Banerjee. Tiyasha and Shrimayi were seen taking selfies with the Chief Minister on that day. She also gave the slogan ‘Joy Bangla’ in the caption of the photo.

However, this is not the first time that Shrimayi and Tiyasha have been seen campaigning for Trinamool candidate and actor Kanchan Mallick. They were accompanied by ‘Ke Apan Ke Par’-famous Jaba and Param. Kanchan has become the Trinamool candidate from Uttarpara. Apart from preaching in a hooded open jeep, four people also ate and drank in Petpur during the campaign.

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