‘Slap-punch’ on Papia Adhikari in Uluberia! BJP | BJP complains in commission aganist tmc after BJP candidate Papiya Adhikari attacked in Uluberia– News18 Beganli

#Uluberia: The BJP has approached the Election Commission over the attack on Papia Adhikari. Allegedly, Papia Adhikari was attacked while visiting the party workers in Uluberia during the third round of voting. The actress and BJP leader also alleged that she was slapped and punched. The arrow of his accusation is towards the grassroots. Papia has lodged a written complaint with the commission alleging that ‘grassroots-based miscreants’ have done so. After the incident, Kailash Vijayavargiya called Papia Adhikari to search for him.

Allegedly, BJP candidate Papia Adhikari was attacked in front of Uluberia Hospital on that day. Video camera footage showed a miscreant approaching and slapping him on the cheek. Fist at the same time. The BJP candidate dropped out at the moment. Thunder struck in front of the hospital.

Shortly after the incident, Papia said he would approach the Election Commission on the whole issue. He says he could not have imagined that such an event would happen in 2021. Papia also questioned the respect of women in Bengal. The BJP leadership then lodged a complaint with the commission. According to sources, the commission was also informed by phone on behalf of Kailash Vijayvargiya.

In the words of Papia Adhikari, “Uluberia South has got good votes for the BJP since this morning. So the Trinamool is attacking in such a way to delay the polls.” On the other hand, according to sources, Papia came to the hospital premises and raised the issue of ‘attack’ on BJP activist supporters during the polls. Then clashes broke out between supporters of the BJP and the Trinamool. BJP candidate and actress Papia Adhikari was injured after that.

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