West Bengal Election 2021: Live Webcasting: World Vote Bangla Vote! ‘Live webcasting’ will show 70 countries fair elections during the Corona period

#Kolkata: Voting for the third phase (West Bengal Election -Phase 3) is underway In the third phase, web-casting will be done in 5,506 booths. Of which 2,631 are in South 24 Parganas, 1,225 in Howrah and 1,451 in Hughli. There will be video cameras in 327 booths, CCTV in 6 of 1,084 booths The number of micro observers in this episode is 914.

Section 144 has been issued within 100 meters of booths in Howrah and Hooghly districts. In the case of South 24 Parganas, section 144 has been applied within 200 meters. Besides, for the first time in West Bengal, about 70 countries will witness the election process live! This decision has been taken by modeling the Bihar elections. The Election Commission will try to show the world how it is possible to have a fair, peaceful and infection-free vote even in a cowardly situation.

People in about 70 countries will be shown the state voting process through webcasting. Booth No. 145 in Satgachhi has been modeled to highlight the transparency of state democracy in the world court. Webcasting will continue from there. Webcasting can happen at any time of the day. Webcasting will last for 15 minutes. This booth has been identified for live webcasting due to its proximity to the city.

The Election Commission has faced a lot of problems with web casting in the first and second rounds of voting. In the second round of voting, it was alleged that web casting was useless in most of the booths in Nandigram. There was a network problem. There were also allegations of turning the camera. To overcome that problem, the Election Commission has taken more precautions in the third round of elections The commission said that special surveillance has been put in place to ensure that there are no problems with webcasting during the election.

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