Will he be the center of gravity of power? Abhishek has gone through the ordeal!

#Kolkata: ‘Tolabaj nephew’! This is probably the most talked about word in the West Bengal Assembly Election 2021. Basically, the BJP, to put it more bluntly, the most used vote-attack tool in the face of Shuvendu Adhikari, who left the umbrella of Mamata Banerjee a few months ago and joined the BJP, is this ‘tolabaaz nephew’. Abhishek Banerjee, a Trinamool MP and the party’s youth president, has repeatedly claimed in public that “if the BJP has the power, then I will hang myself on the gallows.” ‘Proof’ has not been proved yet, so Abhishek is still shining in the sky of Bengal politics as a bright star.

Critics will say that Abhishek has no ‘light’ of his own. Standing on the safe ground of ‘PC’ Mamata Banerjee’s political life and power, he says, ‘the game will be played’. Today, Abhishek’s own ‘dera’ is being ‘played’ in a large part of South 24 Parganas. And the political circles of Bengal know that if the door to occupy the masnad of Delhi is Uttar Pradesh, then the door to occupy Bengal must be South 24 Parganas. And this time in that district, he made his debut in the face of ‘single’ challenge. A large part of the party’s allies have left for the BJP. The BJP is now on the rise in many parts of the safe South 24 Parganas, so this year’s undisputed acid test is undoubtedly the most difficult for Abhishek, even if he does not contest the polls. If he wins, his dominance in the grassroots will reach unquestionable place, and if he loses ….

Abhishek himself became an MP from Diamond Harbor, meaning he became the first MP at the age of only 26 years. From then on, the team and the district slowly started making their debut ‘grip’. There are 31 assembly seats in South 24 Parganas. Trinamool, which won 29 seats in 2018, is the sole dominant party. As a result, the ruling party is not supposed to have any worries about that district. But the 2019 Lok Sabha vote, and the subsequent gradual rise of Gerua and Amphan, have forced Abhishek to reshape the post-corruption era.

‘PC’ (Abhishek calls Mamata Banerjee as Didi) Abhishek has forcibly put his hand on the grassroots empire created by Mamata Banerjee. This allegation is not new within the ruling party. Although Mukul Roy’s involvement in the BJP was discussed in the context of the Saradha investigation, there was a storm within the grassroots, with Abhishek gradually taking the baton of the party’s second-in-command from Mukul’s hands. Unable to accept that ‘insult’, the rumors about Mukul’s Gerua-Jatra did not abate. However, no grassroots leader has spoken openly about it. And when it comes to the door of voting this time, the one and only target of Shuvendu Adhikari is ‘PC-Vaipo’ Mamata and Abhishek.

In the words of a first-line Trinamool leader, who did not want to be named, ‘We never warned Didi about Abhishek. However, he does not understand that his loss is too great to protect Abhishek. However, it is not that the grassroots leader does not know it at all. Part of the Mamata-affiliated party says, ‘Any party goes on to create the future generation. Many of those who thought of the future of the Trinamool became traitors. Compared to that, Abhishek is the soul of the party. ‘ Another top Trinamool leader said, ‘Abhishek is one of the most talented politicians in the country at the moment. The politics he is doing is becoming a pressure on BJP leaders. Abhishek has repeatedly challenged top BJP leaders to come face to face, but BJP leaders do not have that courage. They are shouting about fake tapes and allegations. ‘ However, in the midst of counter-demands, this year’s vote is the ‘Asper-Osper’ battlefield for the speaker Abhishek. If he wins, he is the king, if he loses, it will not take long to become a fakir. The ‘game’ has begun. Whether there will be a more powerful debut after the ‘game’ is over, his eager anticipation.

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