CBI to interrogate Coal scam main lead Anup Maji AKA Lala after he gets relief from arrest till 13th April from Supreme Court– News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: The defense ended on Tuesday, April 6. After that, Anup Majhi alias Lala, the main accused in the Coal Mining Scam case, applied to the Supreme Court of the country. That is why the court directed to increase the protection till April 13. However, the CBI and the investigation are desperate. The CBI has already summoned Lala to the Nizam’s Palace for questioning. Lala will have to face the detectives at the Nizam’s Palace on April 7 tomorrow

According to CBI sources, CBI 6 is planning to interrogate Lala this time Sources said that the detectives of Nizam Palace will hold a video conference with the CBI’s Delhi headquarters in this regard. Detectives want to know in advance how Anup Majhi alias Lala will be interrogated and what questions will be asked.

How and what questions will be asked about the influential people in particular will also be discussed in the meeting with Delhi Even after questioning Lala more than once, the formula for effective yoga is still elusive. According to CBI detectives, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) will gradually reduce its ability to interrogate Lala if no charges are brought against him. As a result, the CBI wants to interrogate him this time. That is why he was summoned to the Nizam’s Palace on April 8.

Meanwhile, Raghunathpur SDPO Durbar Bandyopadhyay and former Purulia District Superintendent of Police S Selva Morgan have also been questioned in connection with the coal smuggling case. Bankura IC Ashok Mishra was arrested by the ED in the same case a few days ago. He is said to be a relative of Binoy Mishra, another accused in the case. Detectives suspect that money was smuggled through him in this corruption case. The ED arrested Ashok Mishra from New Delhi shortly after an audio tape of the cattle and coal mafia scandal came to light.

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