From Delhi to Tollygunge! There was no local? Mamata-meeting in Tollygunge with external stabbing of Babul – News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: Familiar place like the palm of the hand. Tolipara gave him the upper hand in 2011-2016. But this time the fight is difficult. The camp is divided into two parts. Fighting to save the average, Mamata Banerjee attacked the BJP with all her might at a meeting in Taliganj in the last hours. Babul Supriya, a BJP candidate from Tollygunge, was on the verge of attack.

Mamata did not name Babul but gave him an external badge. He ridiculed Babul’s party for coming down from the post of MP and fighting for the post of MLA. In Mamata’s words, “There was no local in Tollygunge! The outsider had to be brought in!” Joining the locals, he raised the slogan, “Alas, what happened! He escaped from Asansol!”

But why attack Babul Supriya! Mamata argues, “I respect as an artist. But speaking at a very low level, politics has no place.” Mamata also thwarted Babul’s public relations efforts. In his words, “Who are these! People will vote after drinking a cup of tea! The boy of the house will work for 365 days! Don’t be ashamed to ask for votes!”

On the same day, Amit Shah from Howrah said, they can get 63-6 seats in Bengal. Mamata brought back counter-statistics from the recent past, thwarting Amit Shah’s idea. Mamata argued, “He said in Chhattisgarh he got 75 seats and got 15 seats. In Jharkhand he said he got 61 seats, 25 seats. In Delhi he got 8 seats because he got 80 seats. Mamata argued, “If we had won so many seats, we would not have had to bring people from outside the state to march.”

Mamata complained that the BJP was constantly trying to buy artists in Tolipara. In his words, he told the film star that our team will not promote 25 crore devas.

He finished with a target of 200 seats. He said, this time we have to get 200 seats. If not, they will buy them again if there are some traitors.

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