Mamata Banerjee: The Election Commission has summoned Mamata Banerjee for the siege of the central forces

#Kolkata: The Election Commission has summoned the district administration’s report in the wake of Mamata Banerjee’s remarks to encircle the central forces. The BJP had lodged a complaint with the commission after the chief minister’s remarks at a meeting in Kochbihar on the same day. The BJP alleges that the Trinamool leader made the remarks to incite party workers against the central forces. BJP leaders demanded the commission to censor Mamata’s statement

At a meeting in Kochbihar on the same day, the Chief Minister said, “If the CRPF goes on a rampage, a group of you girls will surround them, and a group will go to the polls.” The vote will not be given only if it is surrounded This is the BJP’s move As a result, do not waste the vote Five will surround, five will vote. ‘

After this remark of the Chief Minister, the BJP leaders came to the meeting as expected They first verbally complained to the commission against Mamata’s remarks The commission also sent a report to the district election officer of Kochbihar seeking the chief minister’s statement on the central forces. In the afternoon, a BJP delegation led by Shishir Bajoria went to the election office in Kolkata to lodge a complaint.

From a meeting in Kochbihar on the same day, Mamata Banerjee repeatedly complained that the Union forces were harassing ordinary voters on the instructions of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. The Chief Minister, however, said that he had respect for the real CRPF jawans But he will not be able to respect the voters for voting for the BJP The Trinamool leader said she wants the vote to be peaceful Mamata demanded that the Election Commission should ensure that the central forces carry out their duties properly.

However, Left Front Chairman Biman Basu also criticized the Chief Minister’s statement on the day He said that while she was the Leader of the Opposition, Mamata Banerjee had repeatedly demanded the security of the central forces in the elections. But now he is advising to surround them

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