The new poster in the city this time is #Rag Ken Didi, the field of politics around the banner

#Kolkata: This time it spread all over the city, ‘Didi is so angry’ in Flex. These red posters, banners, flexes are being decorated at the corners of several important streets of Kolkata city. However, it is not yet clear who is applying this flex. However, looking at the language of the slogan, it seems that it is actually done by the Gerua camp. However, Padma Shibir has not done anything about this yet. In the current Assembly polls in several parts of the state, the campaign seems to be fancy. Some have sung songs while others are doing path dramas. Some people have made parodies, while others have left the wall and are busy promoting the wall. That’s how this new poster caught everyone’s eye. This flex located in different parts of the city shows a cartoon with an angry face.

A combination of different colors in the background over the excess of red. With ‘Didi, why are you so angry?’ Incidentally, for the last few days, the grass flower camp has strongly objected to the fact that Modi has been holding a meeting in this state, in fact, addressing him as ‘Didi’. Didi and Didi: The Trinamool Shibir seems to have a hint of sarcasm and sarcasm in this greeting. Even Mamata Banerjee has said in several of her political meetings that she is being bullied. The practice has started with whether this flex has been made with this widely discussed issue of Bengal politics. Every time Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes to the campaign and greets his specially composed ‘Didi’, the Gerua camp is getting excited. And that’s exactly how the grass flower camp is counter-attacking.

Minister of State Shashi Panja said that there was a misogyny hidden in the greeting. According to the ruling party, this has been said by mocking the Chief Minister. They allege that this behavior of the Prime Minister is unfortunate. Trinamool Shibir explained, “Today we are all worried. The country’s home minister and prime minister are not respecting their seats. The Prime Minister of the country is cutting the tone. Giving tickles. It is clear from her speech how misogynistic she is. He said ‘Didi O Didi’ in a public meeting. Can you say that about someone? Is that right How a Chief Minister is insulting in public! Why would a prime minister go down so low that he would be considered a harasser, a molester of women? ”But the flex war that will continue is surrounded by this poster in a clean city.

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