The responsibility of eating alone, the world’s largest egg chicken roll in Kolkata!

#Kolkata: Speaking of the world court, there is a thing called radap in Mexican, Italian and a handful of other cuisines. This wrapper is made by stuffing some vegetables and fish or meat inside the flour bread. It would be a mistake to think that many of our evening companions roll is an echo of this rap. Rather, it can be said without hesitation that this country has introduced the whole world with the tradition of roll, to put it bluntly, the city of Kolkata. So what a surprise that the city will continue to experiment with the role! It is not surprising that in the first step of the experiment, the chef will be inclined to make the largest roll.

As a result, that’s what happened! The largest roll in the world was born south of the city of Kolkata. This information has recently come to light from a channel called Indian Brick Mania. They said that South Kolkata chef Aladdin is handing over the hen roll to the buyers. It is difficult to catch it with one hand, so it is the responsibility to eat alone! Why not, this roll is packed with delicious food.

So that’s called egg chicken roll?

It is the natural religion of man to take a simple name of anything! Chef Aladdin’s Egg Chicken has been classified since that rule. But in fact it is an experiment! So the cook does not stop making only 22-23 cm flour lentils, fry it in oil, spread a few eggs with it and roll an egg, the matter does not end with filling the inside of the egg roll with onion, cabbage and chicken kebab pieces. In fact, the wonder world of deliciousness is hidden in every bite of this roll.

It is known that inside this roll there are various vegetables as well as cheese tikka kabab, mutton kebab, chicken kebab. Scattered cheese is spread on it. It is topped with a layer of manmatano mayonnaise. At the end of all, this roll is being handed over to the buyer by arranging it in hot red sauce. For only 349 rupees. Address- Bus Stand, 45, Goriya Station Road, Chhota Battala, A / B, Goria.

Then do not knock once?

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