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#Kolkata: The three-point election is over. Speculation has started in various quarters that people have taken the side of any party in any of the ninety seats so far. The attempt to understand the wind has also started. In the meantime, Amit Shah is in the state once again. Padma Shibir is going to get 63 to 6 seats after campaigning for Rajiv Banerjee in Dom.

During the road show in Domjur on the same day, Amit Shah said, “There have been three rounds of voting in Bengal. Our observation is that we will win 63 to 6 seats. The count shows that we will get more than 200 seats.”

But what is the ground report of this observation? What is he going to see this explanation? Shah did not go beyond the explanation. On the contrary, he said, the Trinamool leader is disappointed, she is being caught in the speech. This frustration shows that we are winning. The people of Bengal are moving forward to build a golden Bengal by believing in Narendra Modi.

At the same time: Amit Shah gave a certificate to Rajiv Bandyopadhyay. He explained that he was confident of his victory. According to Shah, I came to the campaign of Rajiv Banerjee, an honorable member of our party. I saw the enthusiasm of the people even in a panchayat area, I understood for sure that Rajiv would plant lotus here.

The Trinamool, however, did not let Amit Shah’s self-confidence get the better of him. Kunal Ghosh’s statement, he is talking deliriously realizing the rate.

The grassroots supremo, however, is equally confident about winning. He says wherever he is holding a meeting, he knows he will win, but he wants two hundred seats. Both sides have fought for only 90 seats, how can both sides see the light of victory! Political observers say there is still a long way to go to understand the victory rate. Everyone is in the game of creating ideas. The main reason for this kind of self-confidence is to keep the morale of the workers intact, as well as to create the air of voting to bring the current in the next phase favorable.

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