June 15, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

What is the need to support the grassroots after the vote? The theory of ‘probability’ is impulsive, increasing speculation

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#Kolkata: Will the Congress support the grassroots if necessary after the vote? Provincial Congress president Adhir Chowdhury did not rule out that possibility On the contrary, his remarks on this day literally mean that nothing is impossible in politics However, the president of the provincial Congress also said on the same day that the defeat of the ruling party in the elections is certain

On this day, he was confronted by the journalists at the Calcutta Press Club There he was asked, will the Congress support them if they do not get a grassroots majority after the vote? In response, the provincial Congress president said, “This is not the time to ask what will happen.” Now we are moving towards the goal of capturing Nabanna It is a matter of who will support the united front If there is no discussion about 7 Mamata Banerjee has lost, lost, we don’t know where she will go Maybe when we go to occupy Navanna, Mamata Banerjee asked us for support to survive. Politics is an art of possibility. “

Following the provincial Congress president’s remarks on the day, there has been speculation in the state politics that the Trinamool Congress and the Congress will come closer again in the aftermath of the elections. Because the question of the role of the Congress has started to arise within the United Front So far, the state has received three votes, but no senior Congress leader has come to campaign in Bengal. However, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi are regularly campaigning in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and even in Assam adjoining West Bengal. As a result, the question arises as to how much importance the Congress High Command is giving to the Bengal elections or the United Front. According to sources, the Left Front and ISF are also frustrated with the top leadership of the Congress.

Moreover, the decision on whether the Congress will side with the grassroots if necessary after the vote depends largely on the Congress High Command. And Mamata Banerjee’s relationship with the top leadership of the Congress is still positive in the political arena. Sonia Gandhi was among the leaders who wrote letters to the opposition a few days ago to unite the opposition. No matter what the impatient Chowdhury says here, there has been virtually no criticism of Mamata Banerjee or the ruling party in the face of elections in the mouths of Congress central leaders. All in all, in the comments of this day of impatience, many people are taking 7 in two But everything depends on what happens on May 2

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