When Modi came to the meeting, if you vote for BJP, you will get 1 thousand rupees VAT! Explosive allegations grassroots

#Kolkata: Condition 1- Attend Narendra Modi’s public meeting. Condition 2- BJP has to vote. Then the coupon will match. And the reward for breaking that coupon is 1 thousand rupees. This time, the Trinamool complained that such an incident had taken place in the polls in Bengal. According to the Trinamool Congress, the coupon has a picture of Narendra Modi and a public meeting. Today, the Trinamool claimed in a press conference on Wednesday that the BJP has been distributing these coupons since April 1.

Trinamool MP Shukhendushekhar Roy told a press conference on the day, “Many BJP leaders’ meetings are empty. Amit Shah himself had to back down due to helicopter derailment. It never happened in politics. ” The Trinamool wants the Election Commission to intervene immediately.

Mamata Banerjee has been saying in her public meeting for a long time that BJP is distributing money from house to house before the vote. Despite the allegations, he did not specify exactly where or how the money was being distributed. In the meantime, three points of voting have passed. Trinamool detonated this bomb before the fourth point. Trinamool MP Sukhendushekhar Roy said, “It is cash for vote. Here coupons have been distributed to voters’ houses. A sum of Rs 1,000 has been mentioned. If you vote for a BJP candidate and go to Modi’s meeting, you will get Rs 1,000.”

According to sources, the Trinamool may lodge a written complaint with the commission in this regard. In the words of Sukhendushekhar, “We want the Election Commission to take steps to stop people from gathering in public meetings in exchange for money.”

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