Bengal Poll Result: If there is no single majority, will the coalition government belong to TMC-BJP? Suryakanta ran the old rice in the new turn

Calcutta: Barely three points have been voted. The rules for 91 seats are correct, but the fate of the remaining 103 seats is yet to be decided. The game of creating ideas has already started. Both Trinamool and BJP say victory is certain. It was at this time that CPM state secretary Suryakanta Mishra gave birth to a new equation. He gave an idea about the results of the election, as well as why and under what conditions people will vote for them. According to political observers, Suryakanta advanced the united front in the polling station by provoking such a possibility.

On the same day, Suryakanta Mishra said, “If neither the BJP nor the Trinamool gets a majority after the polls, then the two parties can form a government together.” Astitharrthat Suryakanta Mishra says indirectly, it may be that no one will get the magic figure, the chariot will stop before it arrives. And if that is the case, the BJP can be drawn to the grassroots without reaching out to the alliance to form a government. In fact, as the voting is going on, there is also speculation going on in various quarters. Both the anti-ruling parties in the state are trying to blow the wind out of each other’s sails. At this point, the CPM and the United Front want to create an idea where the opposing votes of the Trinamool and the BJP are actually going to the same place. That is to say, this is an attempt to win the opposition’s vote, according to political analysts.

For a long time now, the CPM’s theory is that the BJP and the Trinamool are complementary. Suryakanta Mishra is taking that theory one step further. Suryakant explained, “The BJP and the Trinamool are side by side. If such a situation arises, we will distance ourselves from the two sides.” In other words, Suryakanta is watering down the possibility that the United Front will support Mamata Banerjee in the post-poll situation. On the contrary, the CPM state secretary wants to emphasize that such a situation should not be created. Suryakant explained, “These two forces cannot be allowed to win even 50 per cent of the seats together. Our goal is to defeat these forces.”

Adhir Chowdhury’s press conference on Wednesday is behind Suryakanta Mishra’s statement. Adhir Chowdhury said on Wednesday that it could be that Mamata Banerjee became a partner of the United Front for survival. Or appealed to the United Front. Suryakant Mishra did not make this comment. However, he did not stop explaining that the Trinamool should stay away from the single majority, his party wants to prevent the situation where the Trinamool BJP can form a coalition government.

There is no obstacle to ask. The past says that the distance between the seeker and the seeker is impossible.

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