DGCA allows Coal India to use drones

#NewDelhi: Coal India was allowed to use drones by the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation and DGCA. The DGCA allowed the use of the drone, mainly for mining and exploration in the Coalfield area. The drone will be used to assist in the survey conducted by Coal India Limited in the Coalfield area. This conditional approval will remain in effect until April 4 next year. However, the approval will be effective only if the conditions for the use of the drone are maintained.

Earlier, the BCCI had given permission to use drones for various purposes from the expansion of cricket matches. The BCCI has recently been approved by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. The conditional permission given to the BCCI will remain in force till December 31, 2021, the ministry said. After that a new approval will have to be taken in this regard. In the same way, if Coal India is to use drones after April 4, 2022, it will have to get new approval. However, after receiving approval from the Ministry of Civil Aviation, several more permits have to be obtained before the final use of the drone. In addition to the Ministry of Defense and Home Affairs, Coal India will have to seek permission from the local administration and airport authorities. In the words of a Coal India official, “Surveillance of surveys will be much easier from now on, not only for the various surveys, but also for the use of drones.”

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