Mamata Banerjee: Delhi is keeping coronary vaccine ‘hidden’! Mamata is an indication of a big ban

#Kolkata: There is no reason why the state should not give free corona vaccine to people! Mamata Banerjee has challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to find out. His more sensational allegation is that Delhi has hidden the corona vaccine All in all, the Chief Minister pointed out the big ban against the Center over the corona vaccination from the Behala meeting on this day.

Several opposition-ruled states, including Maharashtra, have already complained that the corona vaccine is not being supplied properly. The central government, however, has denied all the allegations The allegations made by Mamata Banerjee on this day added a new dimension to the vaccination debate.

On this day, the Chief Minister held a meeting in support of the grassroots candidates of Behala East and Behala West There, he complained, he himself took to the streets during Corona to make people aware But no BJP leader was seen The Chief Minister said, “Many people did not come out in fear when Kovid was killed.” Where were they then? Now he wants to vote in the election Where were you when the man in Kovida died? I haven’t seen anyone for a year ‘

The chief minister later complained that the state government had offered free corona vaccine to the general public but the Center had not allowed it. “I wrote a letter to Narendra Modi before the election saying I am paying, you don’t have to pay,” she said. So that we can give corona antidote to people for free Because Delhi has hidden that injection No state can buy 7 But they did not give me that permission There is some reason behind why he did not give it Narendra Modiji, if I survive, I will find out the reason. After that, pointing to Benium, the Chief Minister further said, ‘Why only one company’s medicine can be bought? Why should there be monopoly? They have to take what they say People will not get freedom Total monopoly 6 I understand these I have been the Minister for Railways, Coal, Women and Child Welfare, Sports and Youth Welfare for a long time. I know Delhi very well. ‘

The second wave of corona is hitting different states of the country at the moment Corona vaccination has been started since last January at the initiative of the central government Vaccines are being provided to the states on behalf of the Center Vaccination work is going on using the infrastructure of the state government At the moment, work is underway to vaccinate everyone over the age of 45 But several state governments, such as Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh, complain that they do not have enough vaccines. As a result, vaccination work is being hampered

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, however, has accused the opposition-ruled states of politicking He assured that there are enough vaccines in the country But Mamata Banerjee’s allegations on the day reinforced the opposition’s allegations about the vaccine.

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