Mamata responds to EC: Commission’s show-cause counter, Mamata reminds Shuvendur Nandigram Ubach

#Howrah: If I show-cause ten times, I will give the same answer ten times. Mamata Banerjee gave such an answer from a public meeting on the show-cause of the commission’s violation of rules. Shuvendu Adhikari’s polarizing remarks were countered by the Commission which was virtually silent.

Mamata held a meeting on the same day. That is where the issue of sending notice to him by the Election Commission came up. Mamata said, “How many allegations have been made against the Muslims in Nandigram who called themselves Pakistanis? All those allegations are against the grassroots!” In other words, Mamata Banerjee is accusing the commission of bias. It is to be noted that this statement was also given on behalf of his party at a press conference on the same day. MP Sukhendushekhar Roy said the commission had responded to only three allegations, despite the party’s allegations.

The Election Commission (EC) on Thursday show-caused Mamata Banerjee. The motive of the minorities in a meeting was Mamata’s statement, do not let the vote be divided. The commission said the statement violated the code of conduct. Violation of the Representation of the People Act. According to the rules of the commission, candidates cannot seek votes on the basis of religion. In this case, the Trinamool leader is picking up thorns with thorns. His counter-argument is that Nandigram is part of India and Bengal. How did the outgoing MP and BJP candidate call the area included in Nandigram as Mini Pakistan? Mamata’s question is this incident not polarization or polarization on the basis of religion?

Another comment by Mamata is also on the agenda of the commission. At a public meeting in Kochbihar on Wednesday, Mamata Banerjee advised supporters to encircle them if the central forces showed muscle strength. Mamata’s suggestion was to surround one party and get the other party to vote. The BJP went to the commission on the issue. The commission was asked to submit a report to the district administration.

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