The Yellow Turtle, a new venture of Asha Audio Company, has opened their first outlet near Golpark. The fine Asian dine-in restaurant and café is owned by Ms Apeksha Lahiri.

The restaurant serves Mongolian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai dishes. The Yellow Turtle also has a special breakfast menu.

Customised wallpapers and digital paintings created by Depectorial Designs has designed the café and the restaurant that gives a beautiful British Architecture impression. Arturo Interior has designed the complete area.

The 60 seater restaurant has started by following all the Covid 19 safety measures declared by WHO.

What: Noboborsho special

When: 7th April, 2021 – 14th April, 2021 (8.30am – 9.00pm)

Where: The Yellow Turtle, P- 596, Golpark, Hemanta Mukherjee Sarani, Ballygunje, Kolkata – 700029

Cost for two – Rs.300 – Rs.800

From the menu-


Pora aamer sago       99 +

Dhonepata cranberry margarita 99+


Food Menu

Kacha aamer thai salad  199+

Chana  are  aamer sashlik  225+

Gandhoraj murgir tempura   245+

Mango garlic chicken / paneer  349+ / 329+

Whole bhetki in chilli mustard  sauce   425+

Khejurer nolen gurer pancake 225+

Daaber icecream bhaja 295+



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