Rudra-Babul main face, Gerua Shibir song smells of ‘unrest’, Trinamool running to commission over allegations

#Kolkata: A few days ago, Tollywood stars roared in a melodious protest against fascism. Even without naming names, it is difficult to understand that young and old actors from Taliganj are targeting BJP. BJP has brought counter songs to the market. The style of the song is almost the same. Two BJP candidates Babul Supriya and Rudranil Ghosh are seen singing in the song. This time the Trinamool is going to complain to the commission about that song. They allege that the song is an attempt to create communal violence.

On the same day, MP Sukhendushekhar Roy held a press conference on behalf of the Trinamool. According to him, some pictures of Bangladesh have been shown in this song. Some pictures of the riots of 1947 are shown, with which there is no resemblance to today’s reality. He said, “BJP candidate from Tollygunge Babul Supriya and BJP candidate from Bhabanipur Rudranil Ghosh were present in the video. The video contains communal incitement. We are sure that it did not get the permission of the commission. The BJP is doing it. “

Sukhendu further said that after watching this video, the Trinamool thinks that the BJP can use polarization in the next five-point elections to create communal unrest.

On this day, Sukhendushekhar also expressed his anger against the commissioner. He said more than one and a half thousand complaints have been lodged with the commission. Only 3 cases have been answered. We think the matter is very unfortunate in his words.

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