Srbanti Chatterjee: Mithun’s road show canceled, excitement on violin! Sravanti got into an argument with the police

#Kolkata: Mithun Chakraborty’s road show canceled due to thunderstorm in Behala’s Pornshree. Mithun was scheduled to campaign on behalf of BJP candidate Sravanti Chatterjee from Behala West Center on the day. But at the last minute, BJP workers-supporters protested against the police not allowing the road show. BJP candidate Sravanti also went to the spot and accused the police of bias He also got involved in a fight with the police

BJP workers broke the gate of Behala Pornshree police station and tried to force their way inside in protest of the police’s behavior. They also had a scuffle with the police BJP workers and supporters also blocked the road in front of the police station When BJP candidate Sravanti Chatterjee went to the spot, she got into a fight with the police Later, Sravanti went to the police station and talked to the police officers He complained that there was no OC in the police station Additional OC spoke to him The BJP candidate claimed that the police had informed him that it was not possible to allow Mithun’s road show at that time as there was a road show of another party. Although there is a road show of any party or the police could not show any document in support of him, Sravanti alleged The BJP camp even alleged that the police did not allow door-to-door campaigning instead of road shows.

After that, Srabonti went out of the police station and did a road show alone Mithun Chakraborty, however, moved to Tollygunge for a road show in support of Babul Supriya. There he said, “I did not go anywhere in the campaign and say bad things about anyone to create tension.” The police will be able to say why permission was not granted even after that.

The BJP claimed that an application was made for Mithun’s road show in Behala on Wednesday at 12 noon on the Election Commission’s facility app. But at 8 pm the application was rejected

Arpita Hazra

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