Viral video: Yash wanted to have lunch with Dev by tweeting the video

#Kolkata: This time it is a star fair in politics. Tolly stars like Sravanti, Payal, Raj Chakraborty, Yash Dasgupta, Saini Ghosh, Sayantika, Soham, Tanushree have stepped into the political battle this time. However, even though they worked on one stage on the screen, they have walked a different path in politics. Some have joined the BJP, while others have joined hands with the Trinamool. Yash Dasgupta has entered politics for the first time. He has joined the BJP. He has become a candidate for BJP from Chanditala. He is spreading the word with pomp and circumstance. This time Deb set foot on the ground of fame.

Dev has fought for the grassroots. He is doing his job efficiently as an MP. Today he went to Chanditala to campaign for Trinamool candidate Swati Khandaker. Thousands of people have gathered to see Dev once. No public meeting of Yash was so crowded. People came running after hearing the name of the god. Filled with love. Dev shared this video on his Twitter today.

But Yash did not remain silent after watching the video. He retweeted, “Welcome to Chanditala. It’s like remembering the hospitality and love of the people here. But there was a lunch duo.” Many people commented on this tweet, ‘People love Dev more. “Many said again, ‘Where is the glory if Dev stands!’ However, no one commented on it. When Yash joined the BJP, Dev greeted him. He tweeted, “Welcome to politics, even if the ideology is different.” Yash replied. Said he wanted to work for the people. But the situation changed as soon as Dev entered Yash’s neighborhood. All around is the triumph of God. This tweet of glory is not from light anger! The practice is going on.

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