4th Phase Election: Fighting from North to South is really tough, says Lok Sabha results

#Kolkata: It is the fourth day of voting at midnight. In terms of number of seats, this vote is bigger than the previous three times. The fate of candidates in 41 seats from north to south will be decided on Saturday. According to the decision of the commission, the fourth round of voting is taking place in Kochbihar, Alipurduar, South 24 Parganas, Howrah and Hooghly. The lucky test will be for candidates like Rajiv Bandyopadhyay, Vaishali Dalmia, Arup Roy, Lovely Maitra, Anjana Basu. For good reason, therefore, in the discussion – where there is no wind. Although the results cannot be calculated in advance like the astrologers, it can be said from the point of view of the Lok Sabha that there is a possibility of a strong fight at this stage.

Fighting from north to south is full of diversity. First of all, let’s come to the fact that the Trinamool was leading in Jadavpur, Sonarpur, Uttar and Tollygunge towards the seats under Kolkata Police. Abhishek Banerjee took a record lead in the Maheshtala, Metiaburuj area under the Diamond Harbor Lok Sabha constituency. The grassroots was also ahead in Kasba. Baliganj: Mala Roy from Lok Sabha constituency won by more than one and a half lakh votes.

Meanwhile, Rajiv Banerjee, a one-time loyalist of Mamata Banerjee and now a BJP face, will also sit for the exam tomorrow. He has twice won assembly votes in the Center like Domjur. But the fight today is from another party, will people vote for Rajiv without seeing the symbol or will they have confidence in the grassroots, this is the question in terms of Domjur. It should be remembered that in places like Domjur, Shibpur, Panchla, Bali, the Trinamool was victorious in the last Lok Sabha. However, Rajiv Banerjee, Rathin Chatterjee, Vaishali Dalmiya have changed their jerseys one by one. It is difficult to say who will have the last laugh after this in Howrah. Besides, Trinamool MP Kalyan Bandyopadhyay had his last laugh in the Lok Sabha polls in Serampore, Hooghly. The general public will also be interested in this seat.

But surprises are waiting in Singur. The BJP led in the Lok Sabha polls in the grassroots homeland. Can this lead be retained in the assembly? It is heard that many in the BJP did not like the inclusion of Mastermashai Rabindranath Bhattacharya. Becharam Manna on the other hand is an efficient organizer. So it remains to be seen whether the emphasis of Becharam’s organization is at all defeated by the image of Mastermashai’s honesty.

This time voting cars are also entering North Bengal. Needless to say, the vote in 14 seats in North Bengal is Rajbangshi factor in 10 seats Rajbangshi factor. In the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the BJP got more than 48 percent of the vote. The Trinamool gets only two seats. Therefore, the BJP’s challenge here is average defense and the grassroots’s challenge is to raise the bar. Nishith Pramanik had won most of the seats in Kochbihar, including Mathabhanga, which is why the party has fielded him from Delhi. Only time will tell how useful that card will be. On the other hand, only two seats – Shitalkuchi, Paresh Chandra Adhikari was ahead in Sitai. The Trinamool wants to retain these seats. The BJP was leading in five of the five seats in Alipurduar. See if the grassroots can recapture a single seat from here.

The commission appeared to play the flute of the fourth quarter. For the time being, the people are looking at Janardhan as a democracy.

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