Amit Shah in Bhabanipur: Amit Shah in Mamta’s ‘big sister’ area! He wanted to vote with folded hands

#Kolkata: Center of Mamata Banerjee. However, this year Mamata Banerjee is not the center either. The Trinamool leader has chosen Nandigram of the movement to test her vote by moving away from Bhabanipur. Although the ‘big sister’ has chosen for Bhabanipur a long time loyal soldier, Bhumiputra Shobhandev Chattopadhyay. On the same day in Bhabanipur, Union Home Minister Amit Shah sought votes on behalf of BJP candidate Rudranil Ghosh. He went from house to house in Bhabanipur and petitioned the BJP to win.

The BJP was ready for Amit Shah’s visit to Bhabanipur. Whenever the Union Home Minister enters a small hilly area, the ulu-conch sound starts. The women came forward with garlands. The voice rose, ‘Joy Sriram’, ‘Bharat Mata Ki Joy.’ As many houses as Amit Shah visited, the BJP’s resolution letter went through every house.

Incidentally, Bhabanipur was the constituency of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. This time he has chosen Nandigram. Shuvendu Adhikari, a recent Trinamool renegade, is fighting against him. Power Minister Shobhandev Chatterjee has become the Trinamool candidate in Mamata-less Bhabanipur. In the Lok Sabha polls, the BJP had an unexpected increase in votes in the Bhabanipur constituency. And that is why the Gerua camp is determined to snatch that seat too. So, not a road show, Amit Shah changed the campaign schedule from house to house.

Then he went to have lunch at the house of a 55-year-old worker in Bhabanipur. The posts for the Union Home Minister were cumin rice, luchi, bread, pumpkin fried, eggplant fried, baby dalna, dhoka, sandesh, new molasses rasgolla. Then he will do road show in Jagddal and Madhyamgram in the evening.

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