Another 15 in a row with Singur, a bone-chilling fight on Saturday at these centers

#Kolkata: The fourth round of voting in 44 seats of five districts on Saturday Voting is starting in North Bengal from the fourth phase There are three districts of South Bengal with 6 Let’s take a look at some of the seats in the state on Saturday.

Singur– If Nandigram grabs the most attention in the state in this time’s assembly elections, then Singur will be next in terms of importance. Ten years ago, the Trinamool took home the harvest of the Singur land movement But is Singur still relying on Mamata Banerjee? His test on Saturday is 7 Trinamool MLA Rabindranath Bhattacharya is the BJP’s candidate from Singur this time Trinamool candidate Becharam Manna 7 against him The CPM relies on Bhattacharya, the new face of happiness, to regain the lost land in Singur. However, in terms of Lok Sabha votes, Trinamool is lagging behind in Singur

Natabari– Natabari 7 is one of the two centers that will be monitored on Saturday in Kochbihar district Trinamool heavyweight candidate for this seat is North Bengal Development Minister Rabindranath Ghosh Against him is BJP candidate Mihir Goswami, a renegade Trinamool MLA a few months ago. Rabindranath Ghosh was the MLA of Natabari, but Mihir Goswami was the MLA of Kochbihar South Center. This time party 7 has nominated him in Natabari

Daytime– This time in Kochbihar, the fight is in full swing The BJP has fielded Kochbihar MP Nishith Pramanik in the daytime against the Trinamool’s Udayan Guha. As a result, the fight will be fierce

Alipurduar– In Alipurduar, another district of North Bengal, the fight is tough enough Because the Trinamool candidate in this center is Sourav Chakraborty, a well-known face of state politics The United Front candidate against him is Dev Prasad Roy, a veteran Congress leader known as Mithuda in state politics. BJP candidate Sumon Kanjilal can also change many accounts As a result, we have to keep an eye on Alipurduar on Saturday

Clown– Bhandar means forced to remember the name of Arabul Islam But Trinamool 7 did not nominate Arabul this time At first he openly expressed his dissatisfaction with this, but later he started working for the team But ISF chief Abbas Siddiqui has fielded his brother Nowsad Siddiqui in Bhangra, challenging the grassroots. Abbas came to Bhangra and held a meeting by himself As a result, possession of Bhangra will not be easy for any party this time

Jadavpur– CPM 7 once recaptured their average Jadavpur in 2016 This time too they have nominated Sujan Chakraborty BJP’s candidate is former CPM councilor Rinku Naskar And in the recapture of Jadavpur, the Trinamool has placed its trust in Debabrata Majumder, a well-known face in the area and a member of the outgoing board of the Calcutta Municipality.

Kasba– Can CPM’s young leader Shatrup Ghosh stop a hat-trick against state minister Javed Khan? Or will BJP’s Indranil Khan reverse the calculation? Kasba will be fine on Saturday

Behala East– Trinamool has nominated his wife Ratna Chattopadhyay for the seat left by Shovon Chattopadhyay Shovon was desperate to get out of the seat, but the BJP did not field him and fielded actress Payal Sarkar.

Violin West– Actress Sravanti Chatterjee’s tough test against Education Minister Perth Chatterjee Will Srabonti be able to surprise her debut against the grassroots heavyweight candidate?

Domjur– After Nandigram, another prestige fight of the Trinamool is in the dome The ruling party has relied on Kalyan Ghosh to defeat former BJP minister Rajiv Banerjee. Trinamool MP Kalyan Banerjee has also repeatedly shouted that he will lose Rajiv from Domjur. BJP candidate Rajiv Banerjee also demanded that if he contested the elections, he would contest from Domjur.

Sand– In this center of Howrah too, the BJP candidate this time is Vaishali Dalmia who has left the Trinamool. Trinamool candidate Rana Chatterjee 7 against him In this center also CPM is relying on a new face That is why their candidate Deepsita Dhar has taken notice in the campaign

Uttarpara– Actor Kanchan Mallick’s fight with Trinamool renegade Prabir Ghoshal Prabir won the Trinamool ticket last time in Uttarpara, this time as a BJP candidate instead of Shibir. As a result, the task of newcomer Kanchan in politics will not be an easy one

Champadani – We have to keep an eye on this center in Hughli on Saturday because the name of the MLA of this center is Abdul Mannan. The state’s opposition leader is again the Congress candidate from the Chapdani constituency The challenge for the veteran MLA is to keep the grassroots, the BJP, in check.

Chandannagar– Another minister of state Indranil Sen’s fate test at this center on Saturday However, with the rise of the BJP, this center in Hughli is also facing a tough test

Needle– Locket Chatterjee, an MP from Hooghly, is one of the BJP candidates in the Assembly elections this time. Locket 7 is fighting from Chunchura this time

Chanditala– Will actor Yash Dasgupta get a ticket to the assembly by stepping into politics? That is what the people of Chanditala will do on Saturday Trinamool’s Swati Khandaker and CPM’s Mohammad Selim are ready to challenge him again.

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