Anwar Shah campaigned in the slums in the area, Rasbihari is the BJP candidate for the assembly

#Kolkata: This time the BJP candidate from Rasbihari Center, former Lieutenant Colonel Subrata Saha-Anwar Shah, started his campaign in the adjoining slum No. 93. Hategona started the campaign with a few workers. The slum problem of Kolkata is eternal. Thousands of people live in a small area. There is always a demand to get what they want. Most of the slum dwellers are financially backward. This time the former army chief has become a candidate from BJP. Ordinary people have a different attitude towards the army or army officers in general.

On this day, the ex-army was seen in the mosque house slum. Seeing him, everyone’s desire for power seemed to come out. Subrata Babu reminded everyone about two or three perfect issues in a very flexible way. Drainage problems, water problems and the spread of disease from accumulated dirt. It was seen that one of the women behind the black burqa said that they had applied for a long time but their problem was not solved.

For about two hours, he went from door to door in the slums, listening to their complaints. Said ‘I have guarded the country. I have heard complaints of lack of common people. But did not have time to come and stand by their side. On May 2, the BJP government is coming to the state. When the government comes, education and health will be more aware of these. He will try to eradicate unemployment. Earlier, several BJP leaders went from house to house in different places to have public relations. They have repeatedly faced resistance to protests. As seen this morning, former Lieutenant Colonel Subrata Saha – easily established his public relations with the slum dwellers. The slum dwellers also gave him time. By 11 a.m., he had finished his morning program and returned home.

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