Chetla battlefield at night, Mamata-Firhad target Rudranil!

#Kolkata: The flame of the Bengal vote is now directly in Calcutta. In the Trinamool-BJP clash (Tmc Bjp Clash in Kolkata) the battlefield took a turn for the worse. The roads of the two parties were blocked from time to time and the whole area was blocked by unrest. The two sides, of course, pointed fingers at each other. All in all, the metropolis became heated as soon as the fire of votes came around Kolkata.

The BJP alleges that the onset of trouble centered on the ripping of flex of BJP candidate Rudranil Ghosh from Bhabanipur constituency. It was alleged that the Trinamool left that flex. BJP candidate Rudranil Ghosh alleged that while they were going to lodge a complaint at Chetla police station in protest of Trinamool hooliganism, Trinamool activists attacked them in a procession. The area takes on the look of a battlefield at the moment. Multiple vehicles were vandalized in the clash. Both sides blocked the Chetla turn in stages. Chetla became heated around the whole incident. The place where the riots took place has got a new dimension as it belongs to the Bhabanipur center. This Bhabanipur was the constituency of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. This time, however, he contested from Nandigram. And in Bhabanipur, he has nominated Power Minister Shobhandev Chatterjee. And the BJP’s unexpected increase in the number of votes in the Lok Sabha polls in the Bhabanipur constituency has made the Gerua camp eager to snatch that seat as well.

The BJP has surprised Rudranil Ghosh by fielding him as its candidate for Bhabanipur. Rudranil, who was once in the shadow of the grassroots, enrolled in the Gerua camp before the vote. Then the BJP nominated him for an important seat like Bhabanipur. And there the incident of Trinamool-BJP clash has caused a stir. Rudranil alleges that this is happening on the instructions of Mamata Banerjee. His arrow also went straight to Firhad Hakim, the minister of state. However, the whole issue has been denied by the grassroots. Instead, they have accused the BJP of attacking their processions. Police have so far arrested four people in the incident.

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