COVID19 Bengal: Half attendance in government offices, strict rules against corona in the state

#Kolkata: Corona outbreak is increasing in the state In the last 24 hours, 273 new people have been infected 6 out of 6 people died The administration is desperately trying to contain the second wave of coronavirus (Coronavirus Second Wave). On the one hand, the electoral activities in the state are at their peak In the next 48 hours, Bengal Corona Situation is ready to curb all the rules of attendance in government offices, starting from health infrastructure. Nabanna has directed government hospitals and private hospitals to make final preparations to deal with the coward within the next 48 hours. Hospitals have been instructed to take on the role they were seen to play in corona in October last year. With this, strictures have started on half attendance in government offices as before

covid order covid order

Although 50% of government employees have attendance orders (50% Attendance Government Office), there has been a slight relaxation in the last few months. Because Corona comes under some control in the country and in the state However, the restrictions have started to rise again Once again, it has been instructed to return to the old routine This time the state is going to enforce the order of 50% attendance. Several departmental orders have already been issued for him. Strict attention is being paid to ensure that no compromise is made in the interest of security

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On the other hand, the Calcutta High Court authorities are also trying to reduce the number of people in the court premises in the current situation. So in the lockdown situation, the way the number of lawyers was controlled by listing a certain number of cases, the rule has been reconsidered.

(Input-Somraj Bondopadhya)

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