Election Commission: Public meeting ‘ban’ if necessary for violating Kovid rules! New Guidance Commission

#NewDelhi: The Election Commission has issued new guidelines on Kovid after the polls in three states and one union territory were canceled. The commission said that if the Kovid rules are not followed, the procession of candidates and campaigners, road shows and public meetings will be canceled.

The commission has made it clear in the new guidelines that star campaigners of various political parties will not be given concessions if they do not abide by the rules related to Kovid-19 in the election campaign. If the situation is like that, they may also be banned The Election Commission has stated this in the new guideline The commission issued the directive on April 10, three days after the April 6 polls in three states and one union territory ended.

Maintaining social distance in election campaign and public meetings, wearing masks are not being followed. Many complaints in this regard have been submitted to the Commission. The commission said in a statement that “coronavirus bans are not being complied with in some places. Even images of campaigners, political leaders and candidates not wearing masks while campaigning on their own have been seen repeatedly on television screens and on social media.” And there is a strong risk of spreading infection among the people participating in the public meeting, so in that case the commission will not hesitate to ban non-compliant candidates or party public meetings, processions, etc., the new guidelines of the commission said.

Meanwhile, two days ago, a number of people protested in front of the commission office by lying on the street after PPE, alleging that the election was stopped in Atimari and Kovid did not follow the rules. Like other states, the number of victims in this state has increased exponentially in the last few days. The number of daily infections has exceeded two thousand. In this situation, a group of people protested against the demand for immediate closure of the state. They protested in front of the Election Commission office on Wednesday, lying on the street wearing PPE kits. Eight to 10 people from a non-political party joined the protest.

Don’t vote in the air That is why the Election Commission has repeatedly said that the election will be held in accordance with the Kovid rules Similarly, corona vaccination of all voters is also arranged in advance. But the crowd is not going to be stopped at the public meetings. People are floating in the crowd with their thumbs up to all the cowardly rules. And it is feared that the speed of the second wave of coronavirus is accelerating. So the Election Commission is desperate to rush before the situation gets out of hand.

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