Madan strongly attacks Mithun with the corona vaccine “to get vaccinated to survive the poison”

#Kolkata: White Punjabi, coached dhoti, branded sunglasses. And the mask written ‘will play’ on the face. Kamarhati candidate and Trinamool leader Madan Mitra took the corona vaccine while maintaining his own style statement. Madan Mitra, a former MLA from Kamarhati, arrived at Sagar Dutta Medical College and Hospital in Kamarhati on Friday to receive coronary vaccination. At the same time, he distributed masks and hats with the words ‘Khela Hoye’ among the patients and relatives of the patients in the hospital. In addition to ensuring his own cowardly protection and raising public awareness by keeping both the chariot sighting and the banana in mind, he also improved the election campaign.

On the same day, Madan said about the vaccine, “Mithun Chakraborty has said that the picture is a touch. So I took the vaccine earlier out of fear. “He later went on to say,” No artists want to come from Mumbai for fear of Corona. Meanwhile, BJP outsiders are coming from outside every day. I don’t know if any of them are infected or vaccinated. As a result, the infection can spread. So take this precaution in advance. “

Madan added by attacking Mithun Chakraborty, “Impressions of lotus flowers, cobras will enter the house. So keep the vaccine wherever you are. And I will tell Mithun Chakraborty, don’t dance Mithunda, please don’t go to Bombay. If you go out on the streets with so many people like this, it will grow by leaps and bounds. ”

The Ministry of Health is vaccinating all citizens above 45 years of age with co-morbidity. Trinamool Kamarhati candidate Madan Mitra also took part in the campaign. But at the same time, the scorched political leader did not miss the opportunity of political attack. It may be mentioned that Mithun Chakraborty held a huge road show in support of BJP candidate Parno Mitra in Baranagar on this day. There is a flood of people around Mahaguru. Not only here, but in the last few days, wherever Mithun has gone on publicity, ordinary people have gathered to see him. Madan Mitra has attacked the same side with the vaccine.

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