Mamata Banerjee: He is respectful of the central forces, he did not persuade the people! Mamata replied to the commission

#Kolkata: He has the highest respect for the central forces But if anyone, including the central forces, obstructs the exercise of the right to vote, he calls for a democratic encirclement of women. This was stated by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in response to the Election Commission’s show cause for comments on the siege of the central forces. At the same time, he alleged that the central forces had intimidated voters in multiple places in the first, second and third rounds, forcing them to vote for a particular party.

Addressing a public meeting in Kochbihar on April 8, the chief minister told the women that if the central forces disrupted in any way, they should be surrounded and people should take turns voting. He also said to file an FIR with the police if necessary The Election Commission has sent a notice to Mamata Banerjee seeking a siege of the central forces. On this day, the Trinamool leader replied to the show cause notice

In a letter to the Election Commission, the Chief Minister claimed, “I have the utmost respect for the Central Armed Paramilitary Forces. I respect and appreciate their contribution to the security and safety of the country However, the Chief Minister wrote in the letter that a minor was allegedly harassed in Ramnagar, Tarakeswar, on the day of the third round of polls on April 8. He was stunned by that incident Apart from lodging a complaint with the police, the Trinamool Congress also lodged a complaint with the state’s Chief Electoral Officer. But since then, the commission has not taken any action in response to the allegations, nor has it issued any guidelines to prevent a recurrence of such incidents.

Mamata further alleged that in the first, second and third rounds of voting, the central government was accused of intimidating voters in various places and forcing a particular party to vote. The Trinamool has lodged 8, 18 and 134 complaints against the central forces in three phases. But except for a handful of cases, most of the complaints have not been resolved However, on the basis of allegations made by the BJP, many police officials have been removed from various districts, including the state’s DG, ADG Law and Order.

Mamata claimed that she had not incited the people against the central forces in any way He even advised women to negotiate with the central forces only through words, rather than what is meant by siege. His sole purpose was to ensure that people could exercise their democratic rights The chief minister also claimed that it was not possible for any force, including the central forces, to obstruct or intimidate the voters. As a result, Mamata claimed that the allegations against her were baseless

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