Narendra Modi in Bengal: Bengali said less, Sarlen in a few words! Prime Minister cautious debate?

#Kolkata: The ruling party Trinamool Congress is not making a mockery of his Bengali accent Various types of memes have also spread through social media On April 8, Prime Minister Narendra Modi admitted at a public meeting in Howrah’s Dumurjala during the state election campaign that there were many mistakes in his Bengali pronunciation. But because he respects the Bengali language, he tries to speak Bengali honestly

The use of Bengali words and phrases in the speech of the Prime Minister has come down significantly despite holding three public rallies in the state today, Saturday. As a result, the question arises as to whether the Prime Minister consciously took this strategy to reduce the controversy over Bengali pronunciation.

On this day, the Prime Minister held three public meetings in the state He held public rallies first in Siliguri, then in Krishnanagar and finally in Sonarpur At the beginning of the public meeting in Siliguri, however, the Prime Minister said, “You know I am Chawla, the whole of North Bengal has given me a lot of affection and blessings.” It was thought that even on this day, a large part of Narendra Modi’s speech would be Bangla 7 However, Narendra Modi could not be heard speaking Bengali in the entire speech of that meeting in Siliguri. Towards the end, he said, “Orange impression, TMC is clear.” The people also agreed with the Prime Minister Finally, the Prime Minister said, ‘Don’t be afraid, we are with you New Bengal will emerge in the new year The new generation will brighten the new Bengal. ‘

People from different tribes of the hills also came to the public meeting in Siliguri Moreover, the non-Bengali population in Siliguri is also sufficient From that point of view, it can be considered as one of the reasons for the Prime Minister’s speech in Hindi at the meeting in Siliguri. But after Siliguri, the Prime Minister did not utter the same Bengali sentence in his entire speech at the Krishnanagar meeting. Modi did not try to say two or three sentences in Bengali in a row, even though a few Bengali words like “end of the game”, “real change” and “foreign” were scattered in his mouth. However, he has targeted Mamata Banerjee, accusing her of corruption, starting with the election results. He also joked about standing for election in Nandigram

However, Mamata Banerjee and the Trinamool have been attacked on all these issues and in the previous episodes, during the campaign in the state, one Bengali word after another has been heard in the Prime Minister’s mouth. After giving some speeches in Hindi, he used to give some speeches in Bengali Bengali poetry and songs have also come up in the face of the Prime Minister But on this day Narendra Modi did not walk that path

However, compared to the first two meetings, in the last meeting in Sonarpur, some Bengali was heard in the mouth of the Prime Minister. He sneered at Mamata Banerjee and said, ‘After ruling Bengal for ten years, after the assassination of our workers, after the reign of the syndicate, Tolabaji, why this anger? After that, the Prime Minister again said in Bengali to Mamata, “You control the TMC goons yourself, tell them that Modi is here.” Their bullying will not continue here Bangla does not want violence of TMC cadres, game 6 Bangla wants to not tolerate the oppression of Natimac Bengalis want education, protection, respect and justice for their daughters.

Referring to her Bengali accent during the April 6 state election campaign, the Prime Minister said, “Everywhere I go, I try to speak in the local language. When I go to Tamil Nadu, I try to say something in Tamil, when I go to Kerala, I speak a little in Malayalam. There may be mistakes in pronunciation, but I try to be honest When I speak in Hindi, it is still wrong There are many mistakes in my Bengali pronunciation Nevertheless, I say Bengali words, sentences in Bengali because I respect Bengali Didi, you should encourage me in this matter But he is still angry. ‘ After that, the issue of reduction of Bengali words and sentences in the speech of the Prime Minister did not escape the attention of many

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