June 24, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Prashant Kishor is still adamant about the number of seats in the BJP

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#Kolkata: Still, his Twitter pin-to-top post-BJP will not be able to cross the 100 mark. Meanwhile, the BJP has come forward with a new audio clip, where Prashant Kishor talks about the importance of Modi. He also talks about polarization. Prashant Kishor is keeping his head cool in this atmosphere, he says, I am sticking to the previous comment. BJP will not cross 100 in Bengal in any way.

“I am happy that the BJP is giving more importance to my clubhouse chat than the words of their leaders,” Prashant Kishor told ANI. But they should bring the whole chat to the fore. Besides, he is fixing the number of seats allotted for BJP at 100 as before.

But what exactly is the debate about? In a club house chat leaked by Amit Malviya, it is being claimed that Prashant Kishore has said that all the Left-Congress-Trinamool parties in Bengal have done politics of appeasement. Besides, it is also being claimed that scheduled voting is an important factor in this election. The importance of Narendra Modi has also been discussed in the clubhouse chat. News18Bangla did not check the authenticity of the audio shared by Amit Malviya.

Prashant Kishore himself is talking about bringing the whole conversation to the fore instead of this partial conversation. It was at this time that the BJP leaders came down to attack him. BJP leader Locket Chatterjee says Prashant Kishore knows that Sonar Bangla will happen, but he is an ally of the Trinamool. BJP leader Rajiv Bandyopadhyay argues that Prashant Kishore’s strategy will not work in Bengal. Narendra Modi’s strategy will get the verdict of the people.

It is in this debate that the newly heated state politics before the fourth round of elections. This point is much bigger in scope than the previous three points. Voting is taking place in 44 centers of five parties. There are many heavyweights among the candidates. Ordinary people are desperate to know what is written in the destiny of Rajiv Banerjee, Vaishali Dalmia, Rathin Chakraborty, Kanchan Mallik who have just joined BJP, what is the result of Perth Chatterjee, Ratna Chatterjee, Indranil Sen. On the other hand, the BJP has brought down MPs like Nishith Pramanik to fight in Dinhata in North Bengal. Ordinary people will also be looking at that seat. Time will tell what the outcome of the vote will be.

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