Violence in 4th phase Election: Random shots fired by the forces to protest the beating of a child! The commission wants a report on the loss of 4 lives

# Headaches: Benazir’s case in the state. The central forces fired indiscriminately. No political party is accused of firing on the head of the mob, the accused is the central force itself. The whole area was stunned, the whole head was stunned. The commission practically admitted that the central forces fired. The Election Commission is calling for a full report on this. The deceased were identified as Hamidul Haque, Hamiul Haque, Nur Alam and Monirul Haque. Also at least five people were injured. Many eyewitnesses say the shots were fired at innocent people with whom the incident had nothing to do.

In a statement issued on behalf of the Trinamool Congress, Dola Sen said, “The Central Commission is violating the perimeter. When Mamata Banerjee said this, the Election Commission twice show-caused her. Today, when ordinary people are dying, who will answer. It is not in the hands of the state. We want an answer from the common people. Perth Chatterjee says, “This incident never happened in Bengal”.

According to sources, the force has left the area after the incident. The villagers complained that the voting was going on in a free and peaceful manner. Some people started protesting against the killing of a small child. This conversation created tension. At that time the soldiers of the central forces fired randomly.

BJP leader Nishith Pramanik said, “The Trinamool Congress has weapons. The atmosphere of terror is in Kochbihar. The vote would not have been peaceful without the central forces. It is wrong to point the finger at the forces.”

Shitalkuchi is thumping at the moment. Like the locals, the departure of four fresh lives could have been prevented if the central forces had been a little more sensitive.

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