Where are the injured in self-defense? Amit Shah was taken to the fence and the question from Siliguri was Mamta – News18 Beganli

# Shiliguri: Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee, stunned by the Shitalkuchi incident, reached North Bengal. Even if he wanted to, he did not follow the rules of the commission. Instead, the journalists met in Siliguri. Mamata’s question to the central forces about the firing was, “They say they fired in self-defense, show who was injured!”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set foot in the state on the day of this winter meeting. While expressing condolences to the families of the victims in Shitalkuchi, Modi targeted Mamata Banerjee, saying that in many places the central forces voted. The voting was completed smoothly. Didi is angry here because her teammates are not able to misbehave. Mamata replied word for word. His question, why he did not go to the scene? Besides, Mamata said, “He gave a clinchit in such a big incident! It is a sin.”

Mamata has pointed a finger at Amit Shah over the whole incident from multiple meetings in the North 24 Parganas. Even though she set foot in the north, Mamata did not let her pierce her. He said, “Amit Shah, the conspirator. The police super has changed in Kochbihar.”

Mamata Banerjee wants a CID probe into the incident. His fear is that if the CBI gets his hands on it, the evidence of this incident may be lost. In his words, “Evidence should be there. I will make a CID inquiry.”

For a long time, the grassroots have been vocal about the misuse of the CRPF and CISF. Mamata has repeatedly said that the paramilitary forces are voting out of fear. There has been a lot of controversy over his remarks. But Mamata did not give up, saying it was in the interest of democracy. Today, when the paramilitary forces fired at Shitalkuchi, Mamata’s clear view is that this is being done for political reasons. Everyone is watching how the vote is going. In a democratic system, voting is by force of arms.

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