Amit Shah said that only four dead names were mentioned in Mamata’s face, the fact check of Trinamool was going on all day long

#Kolkata: The Bengali vote for the Shitalkuchi incident is in full swing. Ongoing allegations and counter-allegations. Home Minister Amit Shah opened his mouth on the incident of firing by the central forces. He expressed grief over the incident but did not leave the grassroots in the end. In addition to allegations of politicization, he said Mamata Banerjee was naming four people who died in the incident, while another Rajbanshi youth (Ananda Barman) died in Shitalkuchi, but his name did not come to his mind. Right after that, Namal Shahi challenged the statement in the Trinamool Congress. From MP Sukhendushekhar Roy to Derek O’Brien, Amit Shah is misinterpreting the information of everyone in the Trinamool Brigade.

Derek O’Brien tweeted this evening. There he posted a picture of Mamata Banerjee’s meeting in Rajganj. In that picture, the Trinamool leader is seen paying homage by constructing a martyr’s altar, in memory of the five martyrs written there. Ananda Varman’s name was also written there. Mamata Banerjee herself started talking as ‘my five brothers’.

Let’s see exactly what Amit Shah said. On this day, Shah was heard to say, a young Rajbangshi also died in Shitalkuchi yesterday, your heart did not hurt so much. You are doing politics of vote bank and appeasement. No tribute was paid to the young man.

Incidentally, Sukhendushekhar Roy also protested from a grassroots press conference. He said the Trinamool leader had equally pronounced the names of the five. He raised the question on the contrary, it took so long for Shah Kon to respond.

In the current situation, the Trinamool leader is stepping up to go to Shitalkuchi. The family members of the deceased also talked about him in a video call. Besides, with the permission of the Election Commission, the state government has decided to pay Rs 2 lakh to the injured and Rs 5 lakh to the victims. However, it is learned that the district magistrate of Kochbihar will deliver the compensation to the families of the dead and injured in accordance with the administrative rules.

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